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Education remains the backbone of every country; Kenya, Africa and the whole world. We believe in the potential that Kenya and Africa has in pushing the boundaries of Education, Technology, Industrialization and Agriculture and we believe in playing a pivotal role in what we see as a key factor in development and, that is education. The “how” we contribute to this great agenda is what we share here.

Our platform, Amarock Schools, connects and offers you clarity of information concerning any school in Kenya. We make it easy for parents, students, teachers and schools to get any information that concerns a particular school to enable them make prudent decisions as they choose the right school to fulfill their needs and desires.

Within our website, we have a news platform that updates you on issues happening in Kenya that affects our education sector.

To the parent, we offer you a platform to enable you  choose the best school for your child by bringing you every information concerning the school of your choice and making it easier for you to select the best school for your  child.

For the student, we want you to have all the required information that you need to choose the best school for you as regards its performance, location, curriculum and extra-curricular activities and anything else that you might need to know before selecting a school.

For schools, offer you the possibility of expanding your customer base by giving you a digital platform to showcase your school which includes and not limited to performance, faculty, curriculum and extra- curricular activities, fees and any other required information that you want your prospective parents, students and teachers to get




We start with the home page showing the schools icon, the various number of schools in Kenya categorized in terms of user’s location, major performing schools, past years performance among other variables.

The news icon will bring updates on issues happening in Kenya that affect our education sector.

The comparisons page will be a crucial page as users can use it to compare different number of schools in terms of performance, curriculum, location, fee structure and ratings. This functions happen once you click on the compare button found on any school image.

Once you click on the image of any school, a web page of the school will open up that will have a pictorial listing showing the geography and general outlay of the school. The navigation bar shall direct you to the school’s web page for information such as performance, faculty, curriculum and fees structure, newsfeed specific to every school, contact information and reviews of the school.

Schools should pay close attention to the ‘add your school’ icon on the main page directing them on the registration process with Amarock Schools.


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