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    Brainston Kindergarten is a privately owned school located off Kiambu road. The school was established in 2014, based on an integrated system of 8-4-4 (DICECE) and Montessori methods of teaching. Currently, Brainston Kindergarten has adopted the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) as recommended by the Ministry of Education.

    The CBC is an integrated curriculum that allows educators to find and enhance each child’s unique learning style and create an effective individual learning path. The school to priorities every child’s interest and well-being while carefully monitoring their academic and social progress. The environment in Brainston Kindergarten allows students to thrive because it presents limitless challenges and enthusiasm that facilitates learning in all aspects.


    Learners today, leaders tomorrow.


    Brainston Kindergarten provides a safe, developmentally appropriate nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth as well as a positive self-image and a love for learning. We are recognized as a leader in the community for providing a strong foundation for future academic success.


    A community where children are respected, valued and loved so they can grow through their learning into independent and knowledgeable adults who will contribute positively to our society.


    Core Values

    The following values define what Brainston Kindergarten believes and how our organization resonates with and appeals to employees and the external world:

    • Teamwork- We are committed to working together to achieve common goals.
    • Excellence- We are committed to achieving the highest levels of excellence in children, in education and everything we do.
    • Responsibility- We are committed to being accountable for our actions, and leading by example.
    • Respect- We are committed to building strong, healthy relationships with each other our children and their families, through communication and understanding of the cultures around us.
    • Integrity- we are committed to living with personal and professional honesty.


    The following are goals the school aims at achieving in our students’ early years:

    • Promote the development of each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic abilities to their fullest potential.
    • Incorporate each child’s interest and the events that make up their lives in the daily activities to the foster learning and problem-solving skills.
    • Offer a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to meet children’s individual needs and learning styles.
    • Provide a team of professional educators with the knowledge and experience in teaching young children.
    • Promote the active involvement of parents in our program.


    Time Schedule and Activities.

    Although the school applies the Ministry of Education’s recommended term schedule, the day to day timetable is tailor-made for every class to facilitate the new CBC syllabus. However, there are some common activities such as the General Assemblies on Monday and Wednesday, the daily Physical Education session, Scouts meeting on Wednesday, and clubs on Tuesday.

    The CBC favors a hands-on approach to learning because it enables the student to connect what they learn to the environment around them. Therefore, most of the learning activities in Brainston Kindergarten take place outside the classroom setting. The teachers make use of the library, natural school setting, and field trips to facilitate learning. The students engage in enterprise activities such as creating and selling items within the school to earn money for stationery. Parents also participate by allowing the students to interact with their places of work or assisting during lessons that touch on aspects of their careers. For instance, parents with farms or farm animals allow children to visit them, and those with medical expertise help in first aid lessons.

    Other activities in the school include music lessons, ballet session, Taekwondo classes, debate club, gymnastics, skating, modern dance, and poetry.

    Physical Layout and Population composition.

    Brainston Kindergarten physical composition is as follows:

    • Three Pre-primary one (PP1) classes, three Pre-primary (PP2) classes, two Grade-1 classes, and one Grade-2 class.
    • Resource center.
    • Administration block.
    • Swimming pool.
    • Taekwondo room.
    • Ballet room.
    • Field (with swing and playing equipment).
    • Care room (where pupils exercise their skills and creativity using board games, videos, and experimental activities).

    The population of the school is as follows:

    • The total number of students is —– with an average of 18-22 pupils per classroom.
    • The teachers are 23 in total. The school’s aim is to have a 2:25 teacher to student ratio.
    • The non-teaching staff includes four cleaners, three kitchen staff, five buses, and one transport manager.

    Other Factors

    Transport: Brainston Kindergarten provides optional transport services. With two buses and three vans at disposal, the school can pick up and return pupils to their areas of residence in the morning and after school. Alternatively, parents or guardians can bring their children to school and also pick them up. However, in both cases, the person receiving the child after school need to produce a pick-up card before the driver or teacher on duty relinquishes custody of the child. The pick-up card is provided by the school to every parent and has a picture of the pupil; this is to ensure the safety of every child.

    Meals: the school provides four meals every day to all the children. At the beginning of the term, each parent is given a meal plan so they can pre-approve the meals their child will eat in school during that term.


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