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Information for adding your school to Amarock schools


Contact us

You can contact us either by phone or email us on our website and we will book a day when we will come to your school to take the required information for creating the school’s web page.


Amarock schools team to be sent to the school

The team will arrive to your school with a fill out form and take the required information of the school and an invoice will be sent to you via email.

NB: If your school is outside Nairobi there will be a small transportation fee that we will charge the school that will be indicated in your invoice.


Creation of the web page

Once we leave the school we will create your web page immediately and start placing your specific data to the web page and it will be fully operational after 2 to 3 days and inform you once the web page if fully operational together with your marketing videos and photos that we will use to market on our social media platforms.

In the case of an academy it will take a maximum of 4 days to be completed.

We will also create an account for the school with Amarock schools to get updated on any changes to the web page and for communication purposes with the school.


Completion of payment

Every school will have one free month once the web page has been created to use it and see its progress and once the duration has passed, the web page will be closed until full payment has been made.


Full authorization of web page

Once we have received payment the web page will be fully restored and will be under the paid package you have chosen from the invoice sent to you before and the duration specified on the chosen package.


For more information please contact us either by email or call us via our contacts as listed.


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