Amarock Schools, connects and offers you clarity of
information concerning any school in Kenya

For the parent, we provide a platform to access various information about schools in all geographical locations within Kenya. The goal is to enable you make well informed decisions in selecting the most suitable school for your child. The information you get on this platform includes but is not limited to; academic performance history, school culture, active clubs/movements, foreign languages being offered, sports track history, participation in art/science/music competitions, etc.

Once you identify your school of interest via our search filter and comparative analysis tool, you get the opportunity to book an interview right on their web-page!











For the student, we want you and your parents to have all necessary information which is required to choose the best school for you. You get to sit down together and scout for schools right at the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or android device. Amarock Schools has also put together a list of scholarships – local and international – as well as bursaries that are available to Kenyan children at all levels.

We also have a news page that allows you to stay in touch with the latest news and trends affecting schools, and the education sector in general. We call our platform a resource center because that is exactly what it is.










For the schools, we offer an online digital platform to meet potential students and their parents. The world is quickly becoming a global village and we believe in our vision that Amarock Schools will soon be a widely used online resource tool for most Kenyans. This of-course presents a great platform to create visibility for you across the country.

Every school that enlists will get to showcase what it has to offer, which includes but is not limited to; performance, faculty, curriculum and extra- curricular activities, tuition and other fees, accolades and achievements, and any other information that you would want to make known to potential parents and students, as well as donors and sponsors.








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